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Razer Blade 2019 fan bearings rattle when they start to spin

  • 4 June 2020
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After 5 replacement units, Razer have finally told me the fan bearings are expected to rattle each time they start to spin.

You can cause your fans to start spinning by waiting for them to stop then:

  • Go into Synapse / Performance
  • Switch to Manual then back to Auto.

As you switch to manual, the fans will start and 99% of the time the fan bearings will rattle as the voltage is applied and they start spinning. Its sounds like an old HDD rattling away and can last several seconds.

Switching back to auto stops the fans, then you can do it again.

Here is a short YouTube where I demonstrate - I made a similar video for the previous 4 units they sent me in an attempt to fix this:

Does your Razer Blade have the same issue?

Do Razer Blade 15's have the same issue?

Has anyone heard fan bearing rattles on non-Razer notebooks?

Has anyone got any technical information about fan bearings rattling?

If you review notebook computers I suggest we start reviewing fan bearing rattle as it's a buying factor like keyboard layout, back-light bleed and screen flex.

What are your thoughts and experiences with the fan bearing rattle?

Do your Razer Blade fans rattle when they start to spin?

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3 Replies


My new Blade Pro also makes this noise, it hasn't bothered me.

bearing whine during high intensity on mine is very uniform and not overly pronounced.

I would be more concerned if bearing whine had a grittier tone to it.

I am facing something similar, but not only when it starts... It is like something is lose every time the fans are on.

It seems to be a well-known issue for Razer, you can easily find a thread on Reddit or youtube videos like this one

I have been in touch with Razer's support and I hope they don't come with "this is perfectly normal and expected" excuse. I have never seen it on a laptop, and on this price ranger... it should never happen.
Ok, different issue @nascidan but one I am hoping the initial rattle as the fans start will not eventually turn into a constant rattle.

Mine does not have a rattle ALL the time.. only at initial spin up of the fans.. they are fine during normal spinning.

If everyone's PRO 17 has the bearing rattle - then it will be perfectly normal from Razer's perspective.

I'm really interested if anyone else has noticed this rattle.. or is their PRO 17 lucky exempt.

And if you do have the rattle - have you noticed this on any other notebooks (different makes or models)?

Seems to me like this is a new issue only effecting Razer but I really want to know what others experience with fan bearing rattle is.