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Razer Blade from 2015 Keyboard Fault

  • 30 November 2020
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Hello support. I am well aware my Razer Blade's warranty is well out of date. I'm hoping to be able to send it in for repairs, assuming the cost of repairs are not astronomical!

The U key no longer works. I was wiping the keyboard down with a damp cloth and after the U key stopped working. Removing the key cap, there don't seem to be mechanical issues but the rubber nipple had a tear in the bottom which likely allowed moisture or dust to enter. I know the keyboard contacts are layered in some sort of rubber, but something has now prevented the U key from working; I suspect it is shorting out because sometimes when I reboot or add/remove the device in device manager a large number of "u" shows up in a text field.

I have removed synapse 2.0 and reinstalled it just to be sure it's not software related. Same results.

Is it possible to send it in and pay for a repairs, possibly a keyboard replacement? If so, I wouldn't mind getting a refresh on the mouse pad buttons also. They suffer from the old Blade issues where you have to smash them for them to work sometimes.

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I'm taking silence as a no. 😉