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Razer Blade Stealth 13 (2019) CPU Destroyed

  • 30 November 2022
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Hello all,

I just recently had my Razer Blade Stealth blue screen on me multiple times in one day and then decide to not start up anymore. I had it looked at by a computer repair store and they believed it was the CPU that could not be replaced since laptop CPUs are connected directly to the motherboard. Has anyone else had this experience?

I find it slightly ridiculous that this computer is only 3 years old and has shut down on me like this. I have hardly used it for any kind of gaming and have rather used it for my school work with very light gaming on the side when I feel like it.

Does anybody know what kinds of steps I can take to possibly get this fixed? Razer doesn't allow me to contact them due to my warranty being expired so I'm struggling here.

Please reach out if you have any ideas. Thanks!

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Does your laptop at least boot to the BIOS? In any case, please send me the serial number so I can look into possible solutions. I will also be using that to look into your repair options. Send that over to me via PM. Let's go from there.

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