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Razer Central stuck in infinite log-in loop.

  • 29 April 2019
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Razer Central has been stuck in an infinite log-in loop for at least a week now. It's not giving any sort of error, it's just stuck on the logging in screen, screenshot below. I've tried solving the issue myself, and here's what I have tried:

  • Patiently waiting, often for hours

  • Closing and re-opening Synapse 3

  • Restarting the whole computer
  • Repairing the Synapse install
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling, several times

  • Uninstalling, with deleting every Razer-related file in Program Files, both in normal and 86x, then reinstalling, at least twice.

  • Resetting the password on RazerID (identical to the previous password)
  • Resetting the password on RazerID (a completely different password)

  • Reinstalling the drivers via Device Manager, using the Update Driver option, and reinstalling due to the drivers causing the installer to open up again.

I have confirmed that this is entirely local to my machine. On my laptop, which was on the same exact network (except over WiFi rather than LAN), I successfully logged in, even after I updated synapse to be the exact same version I'm in right now.

As it's a reinstall, it should be using the latest update, which is I'm also on Windows 10.


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Hi there! Let me help you out with this. Please PM me the link to this thread as well as the build/version number of Synapse. Let's continue there.