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Razer Cortex logs in and logs me out (Mobile)

I'm using the Razer Phone 2 and it has been working great. Today I noticed when I go into Razer Cortex I'm not signed in. Every attempt to sign in works for a second then it immediately logs me out. Not sure what is going on here, but I can't reinstall the app. Tried logging into my account on PC and forcing all devices to logout and it didn't help. Is this just a temporary issue?

I think it's causing another problem when I'm gaming which leaves the google sign in bubble outline over my games. When you open a game it logs you in thru your google account with a bubble notification over your game. The bubble goes away but the outline of it is still there. Everything still works right but it's a weird cutout that is the outline of the signin bubble and it's pretty annoying to look at. I'll try to remember to post a pic but the phone is charging atm and I'm kinda over trying to get it to sign in.

Hopefully it's just Razer doing some kind of mobile update or something...but as of right now I can't sign in onn the Cortex app with my phone.

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