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Razer electra v2 USB not detected by synapse

Im using Razer electra v2 USB and am using it for over a year now, and i realised as my other Razer devices need synapse to run without any problems, i wasn't quite sure how this works with Razer electra v2 USB. On 1 razer site i see that Those headphones work with Synapse 3 on other Razer site i see they weren't showed on list with all products supported by Synapse 3. I bought them from pretty known shop with electronics in europe (media-markt) but i don't think that would affect the connectivity between synapse and headphones. And i have also seen that they glitch out a bit sometimes, like i lose sound that causes me to unplug and plug again headphones in where sound comes back, or my friends hear problems with mic, as they described "it sounded like you were transforming from human being to a zombie" so i don't think its a built-in feature. I hope i can get help here as i searched through whole google aiming i would find someone with my case but no, i haven't found anything like it.

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Have you tried downloading Synapse 2 (download here) for your headphones? You can use Synapse 2 and 3 together (Synapse 3 supported products would default to Synapse 3, meanwhile any non supported products show up in Synapse 2).

Also, if possible, can you reply with the link of where you see it is supported? There could be an error on the website. Looking at Synapse 3's page alone, it does not seem like the Electra v2 USB is supported.
Well, i can't belive it was that easy i downloaded synapse 2 installed and it works fine i calibrated headphones hope they won't glitch out as they used to.

About that page
https://www.razer.com/gaming-audio/razer-electra-v2-usb It just says "Razer synapse" Im sorry i mistaken it for synapse 3 but it just says synapse. My fault.

Thank you for your help. Now just to think of it, i didn't knew that my headphones needed synapse 2 in order to work properly, i spent whole year playing games without even realizing this although they weren't bad without proper calibration.

Thank you again and wish you best of luck on your lifepath.
My headset suddenly stopped working correctly after about 4 months. First, the logo on the sides stopped glowing green, then both of my PCs stopped recognizing the headset as Razer Electra V2 USB, and now recognizes them as CONEXANT USB AUDIO. I have tried every possible way to fix this matter, but nothing works. Please help!