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Razer Electra V2 Usb stop working

  • 15 February 2019
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Well, most of time, im gaming, pubg or apex, middle of game my sound stop working, pretty bad when u need sound for hear what around u, i need unplug and replug my usb each time that happen, and more i do it less it work
exemple : i open my computer after work, watching some youtube video, my sound get off, and unplug it and replug it, sometime, the message "usb no regonise" appear to me or just nothing appear and no sound, and i must unplug and replug until i hear something....

This problem pretty painful, i love razer but its my second headset with razer, i used my warranty on the first cause no sound on it

Can you help me to resolve my problem ?

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6 Replies

Let us help you with that. When the sound stop working, do you get a sound on your computer like the USB is plugged out from your computer? Do you get any error message on your screen?
You mean if i still hear something coming from my computer? No, and my razer electra 2v disapear from my audio device, and i must unplug it and replug it until i saw it back in my audio device
And i receive this message sometimes when i replug and unplug my device to my system ( sorry my system is french )
I see. Have you tried plugging in your headset to another computer to isolate the issue? Can you send me the serial number of your Razer Electra V2 USB through PM? Let's continue from there.
did you fix the issue? i have the same problem
did you fix the issue? i have the same problem

I replied to your PM, @donkanmcklaus! Please check your Inbox. Let's continue from there.