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Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical - Key Spamming & not working

  • 10 October 2022
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I have a Razer Huntsman Opto-Mechanical keyboard with the French Azerty layout.

Two days ago, after working flawlessly for about 2 years, I noticed that my E, S, D and X leys were not working anymore. When reconnecting the keyboard, I opened Word to check if it did anything, and noticed that in the first few seconds it will spam these 4 keys in the exact same order. Afterwards, the keys are unresonsive when pressed.

I tried the following fixes:

  • Hard reset the keyboard with ESC, Caps Lock & spacebar
  • Keyboard firmware update
  • Clean install Razer Synapse
  • Clean install keyboard drivers
  • Checked if an accidental macro was assigned to the keys
  • Checken if sticky keys were disabled

None of these seemed to do the trick..

Any suggestions?
As all indications are kind of pointing towards a hardware problem, does Razer actually have a repair service?

Thanks in advance!

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