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Razer Kishi (V1 Xbox Android) not detected, any possible solution soon?

  • 15 March 2023
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Hello Razer Support Team,

I am writing again to request assistance with my Razer Kishi V1 Xbox Android controller. 🎮
I have followed all the conventional troubleshooting steps, including downloading the Razer Kishi app, giving the necessary permissions, and attempting to detect the device using the app, but unfortunately, my device is still not being detected by my phone. 

I have already tried the following steps:

  • Testing the controller on different devices (Honor 50 & Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra).
  • Ensuring that my phone is running the latest version of Android.
  • Enable possible authorizations from system’s configuration.
  • When the Kishi app is running, I press Y+B+Start and try to update the controller, but it just fakes it.


Despite all my efforts, the controller is still not being detected by my phone or even in your own app, making it unusable for most of my favorite games. The apparent firmware that the controller has still on 02.75 and even the “Razer Nexus App” did not detect the controller too.  I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in resolving this issue!! 😥

Thank you for your time and attention!

Best regards,

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Hi GraffitiAxseru, 

Thank you for raising your concern to our attention. Can you PM me the serial number of your controller so I can validate its model and check my resources for other steps and options to address the problem?

Sure, I already send it to you. Hope you could help me with this issue, because I’m noticing that there are A LOT of customers that have the same issue and nobody is helping them too. We do trust in Razer and it’s techology, that’s why we are rising our hand to search for support but till now there’s no accurate answer to solve this problem. 😥

I have the same problem how do I write to support?

Hello @storyrushTurtleGreen569 actually there’s no way of solving this problem as customers; aparently I was contacted by this razer budy: @Razer.Zionzedd and I’ve beíng changing some messages with him about all this issue, but as he informed me he is not capable of solving it so he will rise a Technical Suppor Ticket to try to solve this issue… 😪
I hope too that this problem SHOULD be solved ASAP because we do not spend our money to have a beautiful ‘gaming’ paper weight… So hope Razer Team help us. 😁🤞🏽

I'm facing the same problem. My phone is oneplus 11.

Kishi app recognises the controller but it has no support for mapping controls but the razer nexus app is not detecting the controller. 

Same here, just got my Kishi (RZ06-0290) for my OnePlus 7, but the Razer Nexus app won’t detect it eventhough it does respond to inputs.

I did enable the OTG connection before plugin the controller, still no luck.

I have the same problem, I was so looking forward for this controller and now that I have it I can't even download the app. The message I got is the following " this app isn't available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android." Like what the heck ? 

I am using Google pixel 6a




I’ve just bought the V1 from Amazon. I have a Oneplus 10 Pro.

The Nexus app doesn’t recognise the controller and  using Geforce Now the half left of the controller doesn’t appear to be working (while it works outside the app).

I’ve tried to download the Kishi app as APK and, while it does recognise the controller, it doesn’t make me update it and the buttons don’t work as well.

If a solution to the problem is coming, I would like to keep the controller; if the product is already dead and no support is given I think I’ll return it as my primary use would be Geforce Now...