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Razer Kiyo Video will no work while using Zoom Meeting App

  • 24 February 2024
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I've got an issue with my Razer Kiyo RZ19-02320 webcam Firmware Ver2.3.2 (the only webcam I have for my desktop PC; it has no built-in cam) not functioning with Zoom, which I need to use for work meetings. I've done all the troubleshooting I know how to.


When I open the Zoom app (using Windows 10), and even when I use Zoom within the Google Chrome browser as an extension, it only shows a black screen with all video settings set to be using the Razer Kiyo - although it only reads as USB Video Device (though it can only be the Kiyo).


I feel like when Zoom opens initially, I get a .0001 second's worth of video that's being captured by the Kiyo because I get a glimpse of my face, but it typically goes directly to black, despite the Kiyo clearly functioning, its ring light being on, etc. The microphone/audio portion also works just fine.


Things I've done already:

Uninstalled and reinstalled the Zoom app. 3 times.

Updated and confirmed Kiyo drivers are all up to date via both Razer Synapse & through Windows Device Manager. Firmware 2.3.2

Tried multiple USB ports. 

I verified  the camera works via the Synapse app

Restarted computer.

Made sure all app permissions on Windows were allowing Kiyo to work with Zoom.

What might I be missing?

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