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Razer Kraken Kitty Edition Disconnecting - Fixed

  • 10 March 2021
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Hi all,

Like you, I have been searching and searching for a solution to my headset disconnecting and reconnecting. This problem has become worse overtime, and I could never replicate it. Aka, I could never PURPOSFULLY make it happen, it just seemed to do it at really strange times. It seemed to start after I did a windows update, so I thought it was software related.

I tried: updating motherboard drivers, updating other random drivers, updating/downgrading my windows updates, uninstalling/reinstalling synapse, switching USB ports, and probably more I can't think of.

What I noticed: it would get really, really bad after some software updates, and better after some. Switching USB ports would make a big difference and sometimes the headset wouldn't work at all. It would happen often when I would tilt my head... BARELY.... and sometimes it would happen when I wasn't even moving!!! It seemed to happen more often when I was in a call on Skype or Zoom.

What FINALLY seems to be working: I opened up the left earphone, where the cord enters the headset. When I took a look inside, there was a MESS of hot glue strings all over the board and wiring. While inside, I gently tugged on all the connectors... they were working fine, no issue.. It never once disconnected. I wiggled all up and down my cord - no issue. I also took out anything else that seemed like a fine hair/string of glue. After cleaning it up and putting it back together - I have not had ANY issue with it disconnecting.

A WARNING: I have a feeling this voids any warranty you do have. I have only had this headset for 7-ish months so this problem was not a welcome one for sure.
Also, getting the earphone cushion off is a bit tricky. I would recommend watching:
You will need to take out 4 screws, also. Please note, once the screws are out - there IS a wire connecting the plastic earpiece and the headset itself, so be gentle when removing it!!!! DO NOT disconnect them. Be gentle, go slow, clean it up.

I will update if my results change and if this issue returns. As I said, so far it is golden, and this issue was happening at least every 5 minutes previously.

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4 Replies

so all you did was remove the screws and cleaned it out gently, putting the screws back and it was fixed??
I have the same issue, waiting for an update on this
i hope mine will be fixed after cleaning
I have the same problem and I know how to trigger it. But with what did you clean it?
so is ur problem complete solved after this method cuz i have the same issue