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Razer Kraken Kitty Headset will not work with USB Hub

  • 26 March 2023
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I previously had a Razer Kraken Kitty headset that stopped working and would constantly disconnect and reconnect to the point of it no longer being functional. Razer support was super helpful in helping me troubleshoot and ultimately sent me a new one while I sent the old one back. 

Well, now I seem to have a new problem that is quite frustrating….

The new headset I have does not work at all unless directly connected to the computer. Neither Razer Synapse or my computer(s) will recognize that it is plugged in, even though the headset lights up white (no colors), indicating it is receiving power.

This does not work for my situation as I have two computers, one being for personal and the other being for work. I had hoped that if it could work in a hub (like my razer headphone stand) that I could then keep it consistently plugged into one place and not have to move it. My concern is that if I am constantly having to unplug and plug it in to both devices, that the wear and tear might eventually lead to a similar situation as my last one to where it will eventually stop working. Additionally, what frustrates me the most is that I never had this problem with my first headset (it could be plugged into a hub and work), and all of my other Razer devices (keyboard, headphone stand, and webcam) all work with zero problems via a usb hub. 

Please help! I don’t want to have to use a second pair of headphones (the cord for the headphones is not long enough to reach my work computer where it is, and I can’t extend it with a usb extension cable because it doesn’t work), especially when these headphones cost me over $100 to begin with. I don’t think this is a problem I should be experiencing with such expensive headphones. 

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