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Razer Kraken Kitty v2 bt low bluetooth range. (PC)

  • 30 November 2023
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Hi, I’ve recently bought the Kraken Kitty v2 BT, and i’ve had a couple of issues since then, but my biggest issue is that my  bluetooth range is extremely small. I’m literaly in front of my pc and it acts like if i was at maximum range. (random cuts/speed up etc..)  I was thinking that maybe since i do not have a bluetooth PCIE Adapter Card it may be the source of my problem. I tried it on my phone and it works well so it is not a headset deffect. And i do think that i have the up to-date drivers downloaded.

Another of my issue is when im in a discord call it seems like most of my other applications sound gets muted.
Now, i do know that it seems like a frequent issue, but i did try a few things and it does not seem to fix it.

Thanks in advance for any Help/advice.

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