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Razer Kraken Tournament Microphone Not Working

The Microphone on my razer Kraken Tournament edition Stopped working after the last synapse update, Im not 100% sure that the update broke it but it seemed to happen shortly after, I have Made sure that Both Mic Switches are unmuted, I have turned my mic gain all the way up, both in windows sound and in synapse, And I have made sure that I have no other microphones enabled.

The most sound that i can get out of my headset is if i smash it against my desk, but even then the thuds that get recorded are so faint, No one can hear me in discord and I have tried both Windows Voice Recorder and Audacity to test my Mic, The Gain bars do show that there is sound to -48 but you cant hear it.

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Also The Headset does work, it will still record audio if I plug it into my phone or another computer.
The Solution is to reinstall synapse