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Razer Leviathan has an audio delay of a few seconds

  • 18 September 2020
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My new Razer Leviathan is connected to a Windows 10 PC using an optical cable. I have tried 2 separate cables and both have the same issue. I tried a variety of speaker audio settings and all have the same issue. When a video starts, I loose the first few seconds of the audio. I searched this forum, others and have not found a solution yet. Any ideas would be appreciated, I prefer not having to return this speaker.

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5 Replies

Is there any delay while using the 3.5mm connection? Do you have another receiver that you can test the optical on to see if the delay is still there? Just spitballin here, but im wondering if it is delayed on the motherboards optical out port side.
It does not occur when using the AUX connection. Unfortunately I do not have another speaker to test my board's optical output.
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@Scottie302's got a point. It is possible that the motherboard's optical port or sound driver is causing the delay. This is rather difficult to test, but I highly recommend that you reinstall your PC's audio drivers.
I solved the issue, The advance default format was set to 16 bit DVD. I change it to 24 bit 96000 Hz and the delay is now gone. Thanks for your suggestions!
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@LefkyRazer Thanks for sharing the fix you found! I'll be locking the thread as resolved, but don't hesitate to PM me if it ever reoccurs. 🍻