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Razer Leviathan Powering Off While in Use

This is a very frustrating issue that has been happening for months now, which Razer support will do nothing for without 'proof of purchase,' even though I own the dang speaker. Isn't that enough proof that I purchased it? I don't keep receipts.

Anyway, while playing games, listening to music, or watching YouTube videos, (with audio going through the speakers), the entire Razer Leviathan sound bar will shut itself off in the middle of playing the audio. To power it back on, I must disconnect the power cable, re-plug it in, then press the power button 2 times before it works again. In the worst scenarios, the sound bar shuts off after ~6-7 seconds, as seen in this video I uploaded to Drop Box.


The timing of the sound bar shutting off is entirely random. Sometimes the Leviathan works for 5+ hours, sometimes it will power down after 5 minutes of use. Very frustrating, especially when trying to take notes in Zoom class meetings and having my audio cut out.

I've tried switching power outlets, aux/optical cables, completely different computers, all to no avail. There's also a hotfix for a built-in auto-shutoff "feature" that I attempted, using a FAT32 thumbdrive to install a firmware fix. That did not work either. There have been countless threads about this issue on these forums and NONE of them have been solved. Razer, fix your products.

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Does the Razer Leviathan have built in fans or heatsinks to prevent overheating? I'm trying to rule out if overheating is the issue at play here.
Razer leviathan seems to have overheating issues. Pointing a desktop fan at the back seems to solve this issue. Garbage hardware if I have to have a buzzing fan pointing at the back constantly for it to stay on. Definitely purchasing from a different brand in the future.