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Razer Mamba Wireless doesnt work wirelessly after 1 charge

  • 1 November 2019
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As the topic suggests, the mouse works fine. But after I plugged out the usb wireless dongle, and switched it for a cabled connection to use while charging, wireless doesnt work anymore when i plug the usb wireless dongle back in. This is happened for both razer mamba wireless I've had and its really disappointing. Tried everything from reinstalling synapse, using the firmware updater, nothing works.

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Sounds like a faulty one... it happens and does occur, if you can exchange it, do so with a different model (and pay the difference if necessary). Sadly I can say I've went through a few Mamba mice and had not much luck with them myself so I'm steering clear of them from now on since there's just something about the Mambas that just don't make them last as long as other models do.

A few great alternative models to go with: Basilisk (Normal Version), DeathAdder Elite, Atheris, Viper 2019 (I've heard great things about the Viper 2019)

Our favorite model here at my place for wireless Razer mouse is the Atheris