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Razer Naga Hex V2 not functioning

  • 1 December 2020
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Dear Sir/ma'am,

I bought a razor naga hex v2 awhile back and about near the beginning of this year there were some tiny issues with my mouse such as the mouse would stop working (just cursor movement and nothing else would stop) but unplugging and replugging would fix that, then came some more serious issues such as my mouse would suddenly even when still, the cursor would jump across the screen.

A few months ago it started going crazy and now my mouse no longer tracks my cursor, although every other function works like the scroll, the 7 buttons on the side the 2 buttons on the top and even the left and right click buttons.

I am aware I do not have warranty anymore but is there any area I could get this repaired or is there any solution to my issue.

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1 Reply

I have the same problem with the cursor going haywire when I slightly pick up the mouse and sometimes it just stops tracking even though everything else on the mouse works. This is a software issue for me that happened when I installed razer synapse 3. After installing it my mouse was basically unusable. so thx razer for bricking my mouse.