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Razer Nari not visible in synapse 3

Hello, i have yesturday bought razer nari headset and i wanted to try it out. So i charged the battery as it was said in manual. everything : ok. So i have plugged the dongle into pc and waited a few seconds - synapse 3 was installed ( i was using synapse 2 to operate my BlackWidow X TE chroma ) and it opened... and noething happened. No keyboard, no mouse, no heaset detected by software. so i reinstalled the synapse, deleated all razer files and restarted my pc and downloaded everything again from razer page. But still doesn't work i can hear everything but i can't change surround settings, i can't basicly customize any settings + without settings change i can't use built in microphone in apps like discord or teamspeak becouse it's too silent or it's just buzzing but in both cases my voice is unhearable. :frown_: Please give me any solution, but other than it was on this forum, becouse i have read ( alomost ) all of them. Please contact me here or by pm.

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i have that problem too
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@XXlolplXX and @sMoKe_Cloud can you both put up screenshots of how your headset appears in the Device Manager? I'd appreciate it if you can send me a PM with that along with the serial number of your Nari.
@Razer.Caziel done. :smile_:
Still not working I have winows 7 home premium service pack 1 and the os is 64b. Someone have a sollution ?