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Razer Nari Ultimate Disconnects After Playing a sound

  • 30 September 2022
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Same exact problem, disappointed there is no solution here yet.



I just wanted to post an update. If you are experiencing this issue, please consider trying the following:

  1. Run Windows Diagnostics.
  2. Run Dell Support Assist for latest updates
  3. Run Windows updates for latest updates
  4. Roll back Intel Wireless Bluetooth (if applicable to you)
  5. Reinstalled latest Intel Wireless Bluetooth (if applicable to you)
  6. Uninstalled and reinstalled Razer Synapse. (Clean of all Razer apps)
  7. Use the Razer Nari Ultimate Pairing Utility to Successfully Re-Pair

If you are still experiencing the connection drop as soon as a sound plays, contact Razer support to check on your warranty window. Razer is aware of this issue and a rep will work with you on a RMA if applicable. 

I am testing my replacement headset right now as I type this, running it alongside other audio based wireless connections (ie BHAptics X40 vest) and everything is working normally. 

I wish support could have shed some light on the cause of this issue, but they may also still be trying to pin it down as the reports are coming in. Many of our headsets of this model are in the 1-2 year use case range. 

In any case, the RMA process was painless. I chose the advanced option as it made more sense to me, but I would encourage anyone with this specific failure to contact Razer support. They were great to work with.

Specifically, I would like to thank @Razer.Zionzedd for the attention, help and professionalism. 

Please just be patient and know that they are listening. There are a lot of platform configurations to sort through out there.

Best and Good Luck.

My product recently got out of warranty. How am I supposed to bother Razer about my product that is working pretty much in any machine i plug it into except my machine ? I am pretty sure Synapse did something and even after uninstalling it completely and removing reg keys for it it still persists. Some weeks ago it happened for the first time, managed to clear the system completely, moved the dongle to a different port and my issue was gone. Yesterday i reinstalled Synapse cause im tired of the damn colors on all my razer peripherals on default and today after a long work day i get home, try to get some relax time before i have to make some dinner and handle some chores, my headsets simply refuse to work again.

I did the repairing as well to no avail.


This headset is already a product of an RMA 2 years ago when the dongle simply died not even 6 months in like many others reported at the time.


Hello, similar issue.

Just played when my Nari Ultimate disconnected (fully charged). After restarting I realized it is not recognized by windows as a sound output option.
Pulled out and plug in the USB then appeared then disappeared the appeared... :(
When I started to play a video I hear the sound for 1 sec then disconnected.

I have the same issue may is the usb dongle but I don’t know where i could find one

Got same problem just now,i can connect it perfect everything,but as soon as i play any sound it disconnects.

Then i have to unplug the plug restart headset,then connect,then same issue.

Please help i am from country where this headset is like avrg monthly pay.