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Razer Nari Ultimate Recovery Tool

  • 15 September 2023
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My Razer Nari Ultimate suddenly stopped connecting to my PC. It blinks a blue light repeatedly and won’t connect. I tried the dongle recovery tool but it won’t pick up the dongle in any of my ports to start the recovery.  From what I reading in several threads, it seems to be a problem with the dongle. My headset is not even 30 days old! My other Nari headset finally called it quits on me after a 7 year relationship. It really bites to use the 3.5mm jack because I need a wireless headset.
Why is Razer not responding to any of the threads about this? I am disgusted about spending so much for a high-tech, expensive headset and this happens so quickly. I have already tried to do everything else mentioned in other threads. I am at my wits end. What has someone done to fix this or what are you going to do Razer?

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Yesterday I called tech support and spent nearly lots of time on the phone trying to figure this out. Finally, the tech person stated I would get an email with instructions on how to send my headset back. He sent it to me right away while we were chatting. I had to respond to him with proof of purchase. He waiting for awhile and said the return email he can’t see. So instead of waiting because their system is slow (his words not mine), he told me another email will arrive with how to send back my headset and get an exchange under warranty.

Instead, I got an email from another support tech person asking 42 questions about what I did, how I did it, what happened when I did it, and proof of purchase. Then they wanted video proof of the headset not working. Seriously? How in the heck do I send video proof of the dongle not working, showing them all the steps I did, which means I would have to do the steps again, and anything else in video that would show them my headset not working. Which at this point, it won’t even work with my cord going directly into my computer. I spent nearly an hour yesterday going over this.

I called support again, pretty heated I might add. That tech person looked up my case number and said they have proof of purchase and waiting for the warranty department to do what they need to do. When asked why “Megan” sent this email, she couldn’t tell me. The next step now, they will send it over to the warranty department (who you can’t talk to on the phone and have to wait until they decide to send you an email). From here, I will be sent instruction on how to send my headset back to them. Once they get it, check to see it is defective, then they send a replacement. She also mentioned a repair shop. So does this mean I can possibly get a headset sent in my someone else that is refurbished and they pass it as a new headset? I am sure it is possible. If they state mine is fixed, then it better match up with my original serial number. 

After this experience, I highly doubt I will purchase another Razer product. It literally was 30 days ago that I bought this (missed the return to Amazon window by 3 days as they base it on when you order and not received). The tech person said it can take up to A WEEK before they get my headset and figure out where to go from here. That means A WEEK for me to miss streams, game play, work, and school. My headset is used for EVERYTHING. I am going to buy a replacement from the competition right now and put this bull stuff up for sale. 

What were my expectations? Oh, I am sorry there is an issue and your headset was just bought. I will send a new headset out and you will have a return label in the box to send yours back. That is customer service and the proper way to show your community what your motto of “For Gamers. By Gamers” really means. What company has a warranty department the consumer can not speak with? Or what company has tech support that can’t process an exchange without getting 3 other areas involved? This is a show for the Mickey Mouse Club.

This is absolutely crap. The RMA department sent emails asking me to jump through hoops. Now they want me to send an photo with the case number and box with the serial number. I already sent proof of purchase twice. The serial number is registered on my Razer Account. What else do you want from me?

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@Razer.Aero  or @Razer.Zionzedd - could you guys look at this case? :)


RazerNariUltimate- not connecting to dongle

Response By Email (Justine) (21-Sep-2023 09:39 AM)

Hello Malissa,


Here at Razer, we believe it is our duty to protect the security of our customers. For the protection of your information, we are not able to provide an RMA for your device.


We believe that one or more of the pieces of information below does not match our records:


1.  Product Registration

2.  Proof of Purchase

3.  Address Information


At this time, we will be closing your case. Razer takes a zero-tolerance policy against falsified or doctored information, and as a result, Razer will not be able to provide you service. You case/claim has been closed.




Razer Support


@Razer.Aero  or @Razer.Zionzedd - could you guys look at this case? :)

You guys can forget about it. See the above email sent to me this morning. This put the nail in the coffin for me. I am salty as heck right now because I have been accused of fraud! This was a gift from my son for my birthday. It has been “documented” in all calls with the tech people that it was a gift.  Obviously reading and writing are two skills that need to be addressed within the tech and warranty systems. Customer support is no longer a phone call, just to make sure they understand the situation before closing out a ticket. To have a warranty department that a customer can not speak with is unbelievable. I have been holding onto hope for nearly a week. I need to do online things, like work and school, and streaming with friends online. I need to have video calls with my older relatives. It is not the time for me to look for another company to do business with.

I will give these to my son, who probably won’t be able to do anything with them either. I am sure the system has the serial number flagged. We share an Amazon account, he is listed on my current lease, what else besides blood does it take to get a replacement headset?


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@FiszPL Thanks for looping me in.

@Malakalion Thank you for sharing your experience and alerting us about your RMA concern. I was able to pull up your case history and brought it to the relevant team’s attention for further investigation. Feel free to PM me anytime should you have questions or other concerns.