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Razer Nari Ultimate THX Spatial audio issues

I just bought this headset yesterday because I thought it was way better audio quality than my Astro A50's, but with all these issues getting the audio to work properly I'm not so sure now.

When I first installed the Razer Synapse software, I had no issues, everything was working perfectly. Then in the middle of playing games my Nari beeped at me, I checked the battery level and it showed half charge, but I plugged it in just in case. Shortly after it beeped again and the audio cut out completely, I had THX Spatial audio as my default device and I was loving it, but I couldn't get it to play audio anymore, so I thought maybe it was just dead so I charged it. After I charged it I turned it back on and Spatial audio was still not working, I can only get the normal chat audio and game audio to work, but if I switch my default device to THX Spatial audio it just doesn't output any audio whatsoever. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Synapse and that didn't help; as well as checking the drivers and making sure they're updated. If anyone knows anything please let me know, because I really do not want my first razer product to be this disappointing.
I should also mention my computer doesn't even see any audio coming either when THX is enabled

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To make sure that I understood you correctly, the headset works properly until THX is enabled, right? If so, there is a good chance that the THX drivers have been corrupted, or it got removed by an OS update. You will want to perform a clean installation of Synapse and device drivers following this guide, then go into Windows Updater>optional drivers and install RAZER HIDCLASS - 6.2.9200.16485 or later. Send me the serial number of the headset should you need further assistance.

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