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Razer Phone 2 - Battery Issues and excessive warming

Hi there,

I have been using Apple iPhone since the 3GS. I just had the iPhone X, but gave to my wife and bought the new Razer Phone 2 about a month ago.

The problem I am facing is that battery is only lasting about 2 hours when gaming, even with very low graphics and screen set to 60hz. Besides, my phone is getting extremely hot, to a point that becomes uncomfortable to keep playing. It doesn't matter if it is connected to the charger or not, the phone always get super hot!

I do live stream for PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor and Cyber Hunter and never had any issues with my iphones.
How can I Live Stream with only 2 hours battery?

When using the iPhone, I managed to buy an adaptor with HDMI + Lightning Cable, so I could Live Stream with the phone connected to its charger. This is not possible with RP2 as there is no official adaptor from Razer and the phone is not compatible with any adaptor! I found a USB to HDMI cable, but no charger allowed, so the Battery should last longer! Even not Live Streaming, 2 hours is just ridiculous! My old iPhone 7 Plus could last much more than that!

Please let me know if Razer can offer an USB adaptor to HDMI with Lightning so I can charge the phone while Live Streaming. Also, can Razer explain the reason for getting the phone extremely hot?

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