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Razer Raiju Ultimate Replaced But Still Drifts

  • 31 January 2019
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After RMA’ing my Razer Raiju Ultimate. I got the replacement today and it came loaded with the base version of firmware v1.0.0. Then I loaded v1.3 which I was emailed by a live chat assistant who said that v1.3 was the latest version of firmware. When it isn’t. For whatever reason, Razer are not releasing v1.4 for download right now, which is supposedly in the new batch.

What am I supposed to do, continue getting replacements until I get lucky on the new batch? I have had this controller for months since release and has been unusable. Posting multiple forums and having to dig for answers with no procession. I now yet again have a Razer Raiju Ultimate STILL with stick drift issues and latency issues along with no customer support to guide us customers with a £200 joke. As a long term user of Razer products, I just feel as there has been no support from the moderators. After all the troubles whom could at least compensate to some degree for what I’ve gone through with my purchase. It turns out I may just end up refunding my controller completely. I’m at my last straw unless the moderators step up and actually assist the situation.

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