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Razer Ripsaw HD not working

  • 3 February 2023
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I have had the Ripsaw HD for a while and latley I cannot use it at all when streaming or recording, no matter the program or usb port used, it either freezes or shows nothing at all. Have gone through at lot of troubleshooting with Streamlabs and we have found that the Ripsaw is the issue. I keep it in a well vented area, the room it is in is not hot, at all. But the Ripsaw feel warm, idk what would be too hot for it but even if i let it reset, within a few moments of streaming or recording we come back to square one. The video freezes or i get a blank screen.

I am out of warrenty so if anyone can help that would be amazing.

1 Reply

Looking for answer for this, too, as well as a post from 2 months ago. It’s like they’ve all collectively died and Razer is just ignoring us.