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RAZER software is going to give me a stroke...

So I went all in and bought myself a RAZER Nari Ultimate headset.

Followed the steps as per the box instructions. (I'll risk sounding like I'm a bit annoyed but I fly actual helicopters in real life, so comprehending complex instructions and following them is sort of what I do)

Clearly RAZER aimed to make the process as annoying and conflicting as possible. Not sure why.
So I did the install, the sound quality is 'meh' at best, Spotify sounds a bit like the sound is coming from a toilet.

Of course, RAZER aren't happy with you installing just 3 sets of software (and registering like your life depends on it) before you get any sort of performance...they then continue to bombard you with extra software which implies that their product is actually complete trash if you don't have the special software. Take THX Spatial.

So, since every time I turn on my PC I get harassed to install this software, I do. Turns out the devs in here are so desperate to flog you stuff, they weren't aware that my purchase comes with the software enabled anyway. So now I have the same software competing to be enabled, all while a 'free' trial for something I already have is popping up every day trying to give me a stroke.

Honestly. For a premium product, the fact that forums are FULL (and I mean crammed) with IT savvy individuals frustrated that they need to watch a 17 minute instructional video just to get something working...is rubbish.

It's 2022. This shouldn't be happening. I'm probably 97% close to asking for a refund, I don't care how well something works once I have donated my kidney to get it installed properly (past all the self-harm conflicts it generates) in terms of actual user-friendliness...I rate this a 0/100.

Finally my question. Given my windows environment now has 7 (I'm not even kidding...SEVEN) separate audio devices to choose from, can anyone suggest a way I can simply get my audio headset working without harassing me every day? Thanks.

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