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Razer Surround Pro Forgets Settings

  • 3 February 2019
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Razer Surround has been forgetting my "Select Audio Interface" and "Optimized For" selections in the settings.

I'm currently using Steelseries Arctis Pro with GameDAC. Before I got the gameDAC to go with the headset, it would occasionally forget my audio interface. I would have to go back into the software and select it to output to my headset. Now that I have the gameDAC, I will more often see that the software forgets the audio interface selection, but even more annoying is it now forgets what type of audio device it is optimized for.

At this point I realize it could possibly be a minor bug with windows or the headset hardware itself and how it gets recognized by the PC, but is there no way to have a setting that states the following? "If X gets detected, then always output to Y audio device and optimize it for Z device."

Hopefully there is something I'm missing, because this is quite annoying. On a good note, the surround software is SO much better than the steelseries engine surround that it will still be worth the hassle.

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