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Razer Synapse Long Term Issue

  • 25 February 2021
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Hello and first of all let me say that I like very much your products, and I'm a proud owner of several Razer products for many years now.

I've been having an issue with Synapse for at least 2 years now, and it was kinda of a "quality of life" bug that bothered me, but not so much. Since the last week it's been unbearable and I thought to contact support.

I will try to detail my problem in the best way I can (and sorry about my English, it's not my mother language).
- Razer Synapse always launches on startup;
- I start playing a game and then, maybe 30 minutes later (sooner or later, it depends) I feel my mouse sensitivity "weird" and the sound too;
- I minimize the game, go to desktop to find that Synapse has crashed, I boot it again;
- After booting it again, it messes totally with the Windows Device Properties Balance Setting;

It is countless the times that this happens to me in one day of gaming, It is VERY annoying.

Thank you in advance for support!

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2 Replies

a wild guess is that it might be your gpu usage above 90 or something that crashes it, that's what happens to me, I also notice that it crashes slightly less often when I keep synapse open, not minimized, but whenever I play for example nfs heat which streses my gpu up to80/90/100 my synapse will crash eventually, really annoying and on top I have to end tasks forcefully both razer central and synapse and wait for it to relaunch. I hope Razer sees this and actually does something than advertise so much, we need bug and crash fixes since synapse 3 launched, and this is a massive problem.
I found what it's causing the crash issue. It happens when I mechanically mute the headset microphone (using the built-in mute button on the tip of the mic).

If I am playing and I mute, Razer Synapse Crashes (and messes with sound definitions)