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Razer SYNAPSE not recognising Blackwidow Elite keyboard

  • 26 December 2020
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hi! I was hoping for some help outside of the Razer support pages, which did not help me as much as I had hoped. I very recently received a Blackwidow Elite keyboard as a gift, and it works beautifully! However, in trying to configure its lighting effects settings, I've discovered that the Synapse 3 program does not register the keyboard as being connected at all, whether as a Chroma device or even as basic hardware. No matter what I do, Synapse will not respond.

Has anyone else had this problem? If so, have you found your own solutions? I'd love to know!

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3 Replies

I'm still looking for a solution myself. Since the update this month Synapse 3 does list my devices, but It also ask that I plug in a device and so does not recognize the devices plugged in. I also cannot create profiles or manage my lighting effect at all. Not even through programs like Wallpaper engine.
I am having this exact same problem, I received my Blackwidow Elite as a gift and it will not recognize it within Synapse 3 or the studio. The only thing I could find about this problem is that it could be related to a software issue or a hardware issue. There are steps to take to try and fix this problem through software updates and such (found here: https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3646/kw/blackwidow%20elite). I tried the software steps but nothing worked. Hoping I don't have to replace it due to a hardware issue.
So My issue resolved when I uninstalled and reinstalled Synapse. Have you given that a try?