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Razer Synapse THX Spatial audio not working

  • 2 February 2021
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Hey yall, I just got the Razer Kraken Ultimate. I´m really happy with the mic quality, but the Audio is just terrible. Especially when I have the thx spatial audio on. I thought maybe its because I need to change some settings in the audio equalizer, but I cant seem to hear any difference when switching between the gaming and music preset for example. Surround sound also doesnt seem the work, the only difference I notice when having the THX Spatial audio on is that everything sounds more dull. For now I have the spatial audio turned off, but so the sound quality is just average at best. Any tips?

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1 Reply

Hi! I have the Kraken Ultimate as well and I personally recommend not to use the system speaker as THX I have it on the "Speakers (Razer Kraken Ultimate)" option. Also make sure the button above the volume wheel is turned on. The button will activate the THX Spatial audio. Hope this helps!