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Razer Wolverine Ultimate Parts!

  • 6 December 2022
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Hey guys!
Im in a bit of a trouble: I’ve got a Razer Wolverine Ultimate (the older one not the new v2). It’s all nice but my M3 button on the bottom started to act weird so I checked and the warranty expired, so I disassembled it and found out, that the two little “arms” that holds the button in the right place broke off, so the button remains loose.
My question is: Is there any place I can buy a replacement button? I don’t think they produce this type of controller anymore, and to be honest, everything works perfectly after 2+ years, only this button fell hard in the combats of mine. The button is under a glue-ing session now to save what can be saved.
If there is any way, I would save this exact controller because it works amazing.
Thanks for the answers!

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Hi Pucezoneaero234,

PM me the serial number so I can validate its model and include your region so I can check the availability of a replacement M3 button for your controller. Thanks!

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