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RB Advanced 2020 (RZ09-0330x) not charging via USB-C

  • 11 January 2022
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I bought my laptop new a little over a month ago. When I first got it, charging via usb-c would work just fine. Slower for sure, but I expected that because of the capability. Then about a week ago my usb-c charging via a Dell wd15 stopped working. Everything else would work with the dock but no charging coming through. I have multiple WD15's and it happens on all of them. Likewise, I've test other laptops and they are working as expected.

Today the laptop will not charge with my Anker 100w USB-C charger (worked fine until today). Again the charger is working fine.

At this point I have a Dell WD19S docking station that is charging my laptop as expected via USB-c. However, I need the issue fixed. It feels like somehow the laptop is remembering certain USB connections as non-charging now and I like to remedy that with a driver or wiping out a cache of some sort.

I have downloaded and installed the latest firmware available for the laptop.

Thanks for the help

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