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Really Annoying Cursor Drag on my Naga Chroma Mouse

  • 4 February 2019
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I've been using this mouse for around 7 months now, however, it is far from new and was a gift from my cousin. The mouse worked fine for a while, but then the cursor started having issues. I used to use a Naga Molten, however, I found I preferred the buttons on the Chroma and switched mice. The Molten was having the same issue, but to a lesser extent. The Chroma's cursor has started stuttering and stopping randomly when simply moving mouse. I cleaned the censor, opened up the mouse and cleaned around in it, and that had seemed to work for a little while. I then found that calibrating the mouse with my mouse pad (razer kabuto) had mostly fixed the issue. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be tackling the root of the problem. Some days, and especially bad today, the mouse just won't stop stuttering even when I've calibrated it multiple times. I've also tried brushing off my mat to make sure it's not dust or something, and I did the same with the sensor. Not very thorough, but I don't think that's the issue anyway. The problem may go away tomorrow, get worse, mostly go away, etc. I've found a few ways of helping, but I need to fix the underlying problem. It's getting really out of hand, and is very annoying. Help is appreciated, thanks for your understanding :)

(PS how do you change that stupid name razer gives you on the forums?)

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Is this happening on a different computer? To help you further, can you post a video of the said issue?

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