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Recent Synapse Update Broke Nari Ultimates Chat audio

  • 9 February 2019
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Ok so ever since the most recent update i've been having issues with my nari for example buzzing noises which have stopped, But now the chat audio has broke and is way to quiet. The only way i have of fixing this is keeping synapse uninstalled which is a no go since my mouse needs the custom dpi.

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2 Replies

the usual fix for me when I have been having problems, different to yours though....delete your Nari's profile, then make a new one. it must be some sort of profile corruption. hope this works for you
Yeah didn't work. I've been on support with their twitter and they forwarded my case to software support as this happens on all devices with synapse for me. Ive seen some other people contacting their twitter with the exact same issue. My thinking is that its a synapse bug.