• 4 December 2020
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Hello everyone!

I have a Razer Blade Stealth 12.5" Laptop and have been using it for almost three years now.
Just yesterday, I was almost running out of battery, which was shown by the red light indication of the laptop (here, it was not blinking).

As usual, I got my charger and connected it to the laptop for charging. After five minutes, I switched on the laptop (now connected to the charger), but I saw the red light blinking below, and for a brief moment I saw that the windows showed that the battery wasn't charging. Within 10 seconds, the screen goes off.

I have unplugged and plugged in multiple times in carefully and comfortably, but to no avail. The screen goes off everytime within a few seconds.

Now, I checked whether my charger was the problem, but my charger was working very well. The c type charger works with other devices. And every time I switch the laptop on, the indicator place where we see the green and white lights is now always BLINKING RED.

Does anyone know how to rectify the issue?

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There is a good chance the battery no longer holds a charge. If that is the case, then you will need to get the battery replaced. Do send me the serial number of the laptop so I can help you try to recalibrate the battery before anything else.

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