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Regretting my Kiyo purchase due to Exposure bug.

I am really regretting my Kiyo puchase, considering that the exposure keeps screwing up every time I use the camera, and in order to get it to work properly, I have to toggle auto-exposure on and off again just to keep things from being extremely dark and unusable.

Please Razer, fix this. Apparently it's not even a new issue. Apparently it's an issue with Synapse or the official driver, as evidenced by this thread:

Another thread of someone else having the same issue:

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I'm having the exact same issue.
Using Kiyo, updated to the latest firmware, on Windows 10, plugged directly into a USB 3.0 port on the machine.
When connecting to a MS teams meeting the image will be very dark. Have to go into the advanced settings and turn on/off auto exposure, or change to manual and pick a setting for the image to be acceptable.

When it comes to the next call, often these settings have been forgotten and the image has gone dark again.

Very frustrating.. basically makes the camera unusable.

Please help.

Hi there! Were you able to update the Razer Kiyo's firmware to version 2.02? If you haven't, please click this link. Should the issue persists, please send me your Razer Synapse 3.0 logs. Save the compressed files via Google Drive or any online drive account, then paste the link in your PM. Let's continue from there.