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RP2, USB-C connection

  • 21 February 2019
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Wondering if anyone else is having issues with the Razer phone 2 USB-C port being sloppy, and causing disconnects to USB-C devices?

The reason: I've had the AC charger from Razer, make a few disconnect and reconnect sounds, but never had it not charge while plugged in. Just sent my USB-C hammerhead ANC headphones back in for intermittently disconnecting while plugged into the razer phone 2. I was able to re-create the disconnect issue on the LG-G6 that has a USB-C connector as well, but unable to re-create it on my PC.

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5 Replies

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Hello there! Have you tried to do a hard reset to see if it helps? Just press and hold down the volume up and power buttons until it reboots. Let me know how it goes.
Yes, I did a hard reset on the phone when I had the headset here, also restored the phone to factory settings before contacting support.
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Thanks for the reply. Have you tried using another charger or USB -C cable? When did you start to notice the issue?
Noticed it once before trying the headset. I've used only one other cable (OEM LG G6 cable) and it was also loose in the port, but didn't loose connection
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Thanks for getting back to me. Please PM me the serial number as well as the link to this thread. Let's continue there.