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Software Updating Constantly

  • 27 January 2022
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I understand that software will be (and in some cases, needs to be) updated every so often, which is fine. I also understand that the Razer company isn't pushing new updates every day because that wouldn't be a good idea. So, with that being said, I am not mad at anyone. I am just really frustrated with the software. Every single time I boot my computer up, Synapse needs an update. Every time without fail. I have updated it in the background, I updated it without any other apps open, I even tried uninstalling all Razer apps from my device and installed the latest version and it hasn't helped at all. I don't know what to do other that remove the software and never install it again. I was thinking that it could be my computer but nothing else is behaving this way. So, I am reaching out here to see if I can get help with my issue.

On a positive note though, I have the Razer Nari Bluetooth Headset, Razer Naga Trinity (Possibly getting the Pro version in the future), Razer Cynosa Keyboard, and the Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Mouse Pad. I absolutely love them and would easily say that they are the best things I have gotten from Razer so far. They are better than any other equipment I have. Just wanted to leave some positive feedback.

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