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static noise from kraken v3

  • 29 November 2023
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whenever my pc plays sound there is a very faint static noise from the headphones, followed by a faint beep when the audio stops, this is most noticeable when i open youtube as no sound is actually playing but the static still happens for a few seconds before the beep and it stops, i cannot find any solution online

i have reinstalled synapse, reinstalled drivers, turned on and off every setting, tried every usb port and nothing fixes it, i should also note i get a much louder humming in the left ear when the RGB is set to anything else but a solid colour, which is an issue ive seen a bunch of people have online.

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1 Reply

Hi DeepRedcentralbest568,

I’m here to help. Can you check if the issue you're experiencing with your headset is happening while the Razer Synapse is closed or disabled? Please also refer to this article for troubleshooting. If the steps didn’t help, PM me your device serial number so I can verify its model and check for an available firmware update. All the best!

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