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Stuck in Aptio Setup Utility

  • 14 July 2020
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I have a Razer Blade 15(2018 model). I have been having this Aptio Setup Utility problem since I got it. First when I restarted my PC I worked fine so I did not care about it, but now it keeps happening again and again I have tried everything from disabling boot and enabling CSM to checking if the SSD has a loose connection or not but still I am facing this problem. This a very big problem for me as I am a Student and can’t afford to let my computer go into this at random times. I have contacted Razer support multiple times and every time they tell me to do the same thing(disable boot and enable csm) which does not work for me. It does not even load onto the recovery options from where I can recover the system.
Can someone help me.


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