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Synapse 3 and Tartarus V2

  • 27 April 2019
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My Tartarus V2 was working great, with different keymaps for the two games I play regularly...Wow and Skyrim SE. A couple of days ago Synapse 3 had an update, which I applied via the auto updater. Now, when I open Synapse 3, it recognizes that I have a Tartarus V2, but it will not show me the keymaps. Synapse 3 lists two keymaps in the pulldown, but it used to highlight the bound keys in green. Now, the bound keys are not highlighted, and I am unable to get into the dialog to either re-map the keys or make new keybinds. I have reinstalled Synapse 3 from scratch and checked that all my drivers are up to date. Still having the same issue. Is there anyway to revert to Synapse 3 prior to the latest update??? At least everything worked then...

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Hi there! Have you tried doing a repair on Synapse instead? If you haven't, please do and observe it helps. If the issue persists, please send me the build number through PM.