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Synapse and Outriders

I have Outriders installed and synapse latest update. And i have nanoleaf panels that is pairred with synapse.
I linked the game to my profile and installed the nanoleaf module and enabled the addon.

So everything is good to go and i open/enable Outriders and synapse shows me that outriders.exe is controlling
my devices. But then i see my mouse and nanoleaf panels is either stuck on one colour or dosent light up at all.

I made my default profile with wave effect,so when i dont play any games then it just runs the wave layers i made in studio. When i enable the outriders.exe in the connect app list then this wave freezes and it gets stuck and the mouse just turns static green..when i disable the outriders app then the wave starts moving again onteh mouse and panels...

This synapse dosent seems to work well...

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