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Synapse sound enhancements and MS Teams

  • 8 December 2023
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I am using a Razer Blackshark V2 Pro headset with “New Teams” and it has until recently worked perfectly. However now I have gotten an issue where the enhancements set in Razer Synapse (version 3.8.1231.120616) are not in effect. For example I usually set Voice clarity and Sound Normalization when in meetings. That makes it much easier for me to hear what people say.


The issue is only in Teams. Any other apps the settings kick in as they should.


If I go to the Windows sound settings for the headset, I have tried disabling enhancements and then activate them again. This fixes the issue in the current meeting, but the next time I join a meeting it is back to not working.


I have tried reinstalling Synapse and Teams, but same issue.


As the issue is only in Teams it sounds suspiciously as it is Teams that has a problem and not Synapse, but I would like to hear if anyone here has any ideas what the issue could be?

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