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Synapse support for more than one Goliathus

  • 4 July 2020
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Recently I bought the Razer Goliathus extended chroma mouse pad to put under both my keyboard and mouse only to find out that it didn't fit at all on my keyboard/mouse tray and that I couldn't find a slide-out keyboard/mouse tray big enough to accommodate it online aside from a very expensive custom etsy order. So after taking some measurements I found that two of the regular Goliathus mouse pads would fit perfectly and they did. My problem is that when i connect them to my PC, synapse 3.0 only detects one of them even though both are lit up, but one of the pads is just on a different part of the wave function spectrum than the others and the settings I set in synapse for the mouse pad only affects one while the other one stays on what I assume is native control. My only resolution was to uninstall synapse all together and let all the devices nativity control their colors, at least that way the pads themselves stay the same color giving it a monolithic look even though all my other Razer gear eventually falls out of sync with the pads. So I'm reaching out in hopes that Razer sees this post as I have had no luck reaching them via phone. Please let me know if I am missing anything! thanks! 🙂

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