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Synapse3 doesn't connect to Overwatch

  • 24 July 2020
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Hi there!

Is anybody else having a problem with Synapse and Overwatch?
I can't get Synapse 3 (and also 2) connect to Overwatch.

A week ago I purchased a Ornata Chroma. I installed it and Overwatch didn't work. So I uninstalled it, purged all remaining files as stated in the faq and did a clean install.

I also tried to start either battle net, overwatch or synapse with administrative rights and neither helped the issue. I looked into the logs and It seems, that overwatch is getting recognized by Synapse, but the app doesn't show up under the "Connect" tab.
So I am officially out of ideas. I tried to contact Razer support and got a ticket number, but since sunday I haven't heard anything at all.

Can somebody help me?

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Blizzard has temporarily disabled Razer Chroma in Overwatch as it has caused the game to crash on certain systems.
They are working on a fix.