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Tartarus V2 Joystick "Sticking" When Synapse 3 is working.

  • 23 April 2021
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Good evening,

I'm having an issue where whenever synapse 3 is open, there's a pretty high chance (10%) that within an hour of playing something, the joystick will get stuck in a certain direction despite releasing it, and it causes deaths and requires unsticking it by jiggling the joystick in the direction I'm "stuck" going in.

I was wondering if there were any updates or anything that I can do.
I know that a workaround is to not have Synapse open, but unfortunately I had to rebind the left side (1-6-11-16) and the top row (2-3-4-5), and without Synapse open the computer doesn't register the rebinds.


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1 Reply

Same issue here, and I have the Pro. So disappointing that they have known about this for years and have done nothing. I couldn't even submit a ticket because they didn't recognize my serial number. When I tried to submit a general support ticket, they had a required field with a dropdown menu, but no dropdown categories to choose, so you can't submit anything. Really?

If they don't fix this Tartarus/Synapse bug, this may be the last straw for me. I had to go back to my Nostromo, and will have no problem changing brands completely when that thing gives up. FIX IT RAZER!!!