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THX Spatial Audio

So I'm using the Razer Nari and i'm using the regular stereo audio with a custom EQ and it sounds great but I wanted to step it up in gaming and use the directional audio but it doesn't sound as good as I would like with my EQ settings and the Game EQ. Anyone have any good EQ suggestions to make sound quality sound flatter and cleaner with Spatial Audio on? Also, suggestions on the best mic settings could be useful but I'm completely fine without it.

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Hello! Try this one. I use them to get rid of "muffled" sound and make sounds more clear. In BF5 this setup is very good for me, i hear all the steps clear and loud, and also hear exactly where ppl shot me from. Any way if you dont like it - you can adjust it easily 🙂
So do we just eyeball the actual values?
So do we just eyeball the actual values?

Pretty much and it's a personal preference for everyone but I just want it not muffled and not to high pitched to the point where it hurts my ears.