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Viper 8khz 5-6 months old, Textured grip peeling off

  • 23 September 2022
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Hi Razer Team,

I just wanted to reach out regarding my Viper 8khz mice, textured grip peeling off issues, only 5-6 months only.

I reached out already to the Razer support team via email, and we had discussion on this. While I understand that it is not really a big issue, since the mouse is working, the textured grip peel off is just feeling uncomfortable during my mouse usage.

So as I said, we had a discussion about this, and Razer Support team actually offered replacement but there certain conditions:
First condition - Settle a refundable credit:
1. Advance Replacement: Razer will collect payment for the MSRP cost of
your replacement device. Once paid,
2. Razer will ship your replacement unit.
3. Once you receive the replacement unit,
4. you will have 14 Days to return your defective unit.
5. If you return the product to Razer once received the defective unit
will refund you
6. If you do not return your defective unit, Razer will consider this your choice to keep both devices, and no
refund will be provided.

Second condition - Cutting the wire of the mouse
1. Cut off the wire of mice (viper 8khz)
2. Video record it.
3. Send it to the Razer Support team
4. Razer Support team will then proceed sending the replacement.

I've shared to the support team, that I am not able to provide full amount of payment as credit. And I don't have any extra gaming mouse that I can use temporarily to proceed cutting the cord.

These are the 2 conditions I get in order to have my mouse be replaced. I found these options not consumer friendly. Because I had high expectation from Razer that they will be the one who will initiate first. Meaning that they will send out the mouse replacement, and once I received the mouse, at the same time, I then will either surrender my mouse (Viper 8khz textured grip peeling off) with the retail box, or proceed cutting the cord.

Is this really the only replacement process or workaround can Razer provide? is there any other consumer friendly way, that I will feel trusted, the same trust that I gave when I bought this product. To be honest, these options from Razer seems on sided at all.

Can you confirm and advise on this?

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I appreciate your feedback on the return process and I have already reached out to the relevant team who's working on your case so we can exhaust any other options to proceed with the replacement. I also removed your case number from your post for security reasons. You will receive an email for updates and I will surely reach out if I hear back from the team. Feel free to check our self-help page for product updates and troubleshooting steps or PM me anytime should you need further assistance.
Hi Zionzedd,

I appreciate the response.

I have an update from my email and it looks like they confirmed that there are no other options. They are insisting that I get a new temporary mouse and proceed with cutting process.

While the Technical support team pointed out this is for "practicality", I found this again very one sided. From what I experience from other gaming brands, they send out replacement with no conditions such as this, we then do on the spot replacement and returns.

Again, are this really the options/conditions from a top gaming brand (Razer)?

I don't want to sound demanding but, this is really the first time I see such warranty replacement process, and from a respective huge gaming brand Razer.
Well, such a disappointing ending. Aftersales support just closed the incident report, as they do really insist to proceed with condition-first (cutting cord/paying refundable credit first) before sending out replacement.

This really sucks. I really love the product, the brand, everything in it, except for non-consumer friendly, company-first aftersales support.

I trusted and bought razer products believing that the product quality and aftersales support is top-notched. I guess I was wrong after all.
lol how stupid that they say to cut the wire of the mouse off on video. What a god awful company. I gave them a 2nd chance after 10 years staying logi only because of their naga hardware issues. 2nd chance last chance, hope razer goes out of business
It's just so sad. Premium prices for Gaming peripherals. So-called For Gamers, By Gamers. Yet warranty conditions are the worst so far.

When it comes to Gaming, I always think of Razer first. I want all of my peripherals to be Razer.

I even have Blackwidow v3, Blackshark v2 X, Razer Viper 8khz, Razer Gigantus v2 XXL, Razer Level up bundle, and Kishi v2.

But now after this issue, knowing their low standard warranty aftersales support, I felt screwed for paying premium prices for these. I even felt bad recommending Razer to my friends and colleagues.

I will stop buying and recommending their products from now on. It is very ironic Razer's name and its mascot(Sneki) is related to a snake, now I clearly understand why.

For Razer, Only Razer.