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Viper Razer 8k Keeps disconnecting after a few Seconds

  • 23 March 2023
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Hi, I've had the Razer Viper 8k for awhile now but recently I had to update my graphics and after I updated my graphics my mouse doesn't work when synapse is running in background, but when I shut down anything related to synapse my mice works perfectly fine, so then I try to run the program again and it will disconnect my mouse over and over again, it's in intervals of when my mice will work, it will work for like 30 seconds then it will disconnect. Is there any way to fix it. 


I've already done a clean reinstall of the synapse program. 



1 Reply

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Did you already try rebooting your PC after your updated the graphics driver? Try to repair the Synapse 3 app by following the steps here for further isolation. Should the problem persists, please let me know through PM so I can kickstart a support ticket and escalate your concern to the software team for advanced resolution. Thank you!