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Warranty process for a new faulty product that cannot be detected nor activate warranty

Bought the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog from Razer online store (most expensive model as I believED in the brand), paid for express delivery as I needed it to replace my current Huntsman for work. Product arrived, open, plug in and realize there is no power at all, tried both USB C and USB converter, tried on different laptop, even using power plug - Same result. Seriously - in my life time so far I have no encounter a new keyboard that cannot work out of the box, its a total faulty unit that cannot be power up, what happen to the QC of Razer? It is directly from the warehouse and not even going through authorize dealer or reseller, it's really unbelievable.

So next step, contact Razer support, the only saving grace is the waiting time were short, only 1 person in front of me and got to the live chat relatively quick. Friendly support that attended to me, but told me that this has to go through a normal warranty claim process. Seriously? I cannot even register my product because the keyboard CANNOT BE DETECTED! It's a brand new product that DOES NOT WORK! I asked for the quickest way to resolve this as my current huntsman is not working well for my day to day work.

Get directed to a technical person and asked to send the video showing the keyboard cannot power up when plug in, sent it and the technician ACKNOWLEDGED that the keyboard is faulty and told me he will update the status and ask me to wait for the confirmation email for replacement.

Received email this morning saying I need to bring the product down to the service center myself (under COVID situation) to start the warranty claim process - Again this SHOULD NOT BE a warranty claim as this product cannot even be activate its warranty. Utterly disappointed with both the Razer product and the support for NEW product.

As of now the time wasting conversation is still on-going with no clear indication on when I can receive my replacement - Anyone has encountered this before and any idea how to expedite this?

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